• Monday February 20 | 9:00 pm11:00 pm

    Dream Stuff

    Long-time collaborators and master improvisers Avreeayl Ra and Ed Wilkerson co-lead a seven piece ensemble in two sets of improvisation.
  • Thursday February 23 | 9:00 pm11:55 pm

    La Berge/Jessen/Young/Pluta

    This fantastic quartet grouping combines four musicians, composers, and improvisers known for their work across the improvised music/new music spectrum. Two bassoons, flute, and laptop, plus loads of localized electronics: what more do you need? Guest artist Anne LaBerge will be visiting from Amsterdam. She will be joined by two of the premiere improvising double reed players on the planet, Katie Young and Dana Jessen. Sam Pluta will be joining on the laptop to make sure there is enough sound.
  • Friday February 24 | 9:00 pm11:00 pm

    Dorocke/Abbey/Adasiewicz/Vida, Chen/Aoki, Sonderberg/Mills

    Elastro Electro-Acoustic Series presents: Stephen Dorocke/John Abbey/Jason/Adasiewicz/Adam Vida; Jonathen Chen/Tatsu Aoki; Adam Sonderberg/Joe Mills
  • Saturday February 25 | 9:00 pm11:30 pm

    Watchword, Andrew Kirshner, Bottomed, Venomenema

    BBB presents
  • Monday February 27 | 9:00 pm11:00 pm

    Room Full of Chairs & Rooms Trio +1



current art show

Cameron Harvey

A Hole in My Bucket

Elastic Arts is pleased to announce A Hole in My Bucket, a solo exhibition by Chicago-based artist Cameron Harvey, on view starting December 3rd through March 11th during all events at Elastic, with a reception on January 14th.


Drawing her title for the show from the traditional song, “There’s a hole in my bucket (dear Liza)”, Harvey presents her studio practice as an ongoing process of problem solving, with each successive answer opening up a new question. This creative-process-as-infinite-regress is visible across her paintings, sculptures, and installations in the reiterative forms that find themselves transposed and re-examined almost obsessively. A cluster of brush strokes in a painting echoes a nebulous ceramic mound; precise compositional balances in one painting relate to a formalist strategy employed in an installation. Shifting between media is less about exploring different territory than it is refracting the same raw material through varying conditions, with insights from one medium continually folded back into the others.


For her show at Elastic, Harvey distributes her work across not only the white gallery walls, but also in more integrated ways connecting with the interior space: interspersing small ceramic works amongst orchids she situated on shelves behind the bar, placing a small sculptural work on the coffee table, and painting an entire wall as a backdrop to a work on canvas stacked on plaster sculptures. True to Harvey’s work more broadly, her installation of these objects at Elastic displays a subtle balance of form and open space.

Elastic’s visual arts program is curated by Jordan Martins.



Exhibition Dates:

December 3rd 2016 –- March 11th 2017



January 14th (Saturday), 7-10pm


Artist Website: cameronharveyart.com