• Saturday August 24 | 11:00 am

    OFF-SITE: Marvin Tate’s Jazz On Da Block

    A community celebration of music and storytelling held at 5944 West Race Street
  • Sunday August 25 | 9:00 pm

    Period Bomb (Miami)/Bobb Hatt (Columbus)/Imelda Marcos/Matt Mehlan

    Miami punks Period Bomb come through on tour with sax experimenter Bobb Hatt. Chicagoans Imelda Marcos and Matt Mehlan also enter the fray, rounding out a bill that is sure to be equal parts weird and heavy.
  • Monday August 26 | 9:00 pm

    1st Anagram Festival, Night 1: The Oh Yeahs and Alejandro Urzagaste Trio

    Night one of the first Anagram Festival features the unique sound of singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists the Oh Yeahs, and guitarist Alejandro Urzagaste's fantastic trio.
  • Tuesday August 27 | 9:00 pm

    1st Anagram Festival, Night 2: Glass Jaw & John Wojciechowski Trio

    Night two of the first Anagram Festival showcases Glass Jaw, comprised of some of the rising stars of the latest generation of Chicago improvisers, and the great John Wojciechowski's venerated trio featuring one of the best rhythm sections around.
  • Thursday August 29 | 9:00 pm


    This unique pairing weaves together years of work together between these four musicians in countless different contexts into a first-time quartet pairing, made possible since each of the artists are in town for the Chicago Jazz Festival. Come kick off the weekend's festivities with this amazing lineup.