• Thursday March 30 | 9:00 pm11:55 pm

    Hanami Quartet & Evil Genius

    Chicago band Hanami, an unusual melding of electric guitar, saxophone/ clarinet, bass clarinet, and drums, returns to Elastic for a premier performance on the Thursday Improvised Music series! They will be joined by Los Angeles & Portland-based Evil Genius, a forward-marching experimental jazz trio featuring tuba in lieu of bass.
  • Friday March 31 | 9:00 pm11:00 pm

    Stephan Moore/Ed Osborn, Radio Trio, Norman W. Long

    Elastro Electro-Acoustic Series presents: Stephan Moore & Ed Osborn, Radio Trio, Norman W. Long
  • Saturday April 1 | 7:00 pm11:55 pm

    Message In Our Music!

    Touchstone Tutoring & Mentoring Services Fundraiser
  • Monday April 3 | 8:00 pm11:00 pm

    The Drovers Unlimited Orchestra, Stu Mindeman Trio, & Dan Thatcher’s Storytime

    This week, the Anagram Series starts an hour earlier to present a special three band bill. Pianist Stu Mindeman performs his original music with an excellent trio, while bassist Dan Thatcher's working group Storytime is joined by guest saxophonist Nathan Hanson.

    Mike Kirkpatrick's Drovers Unlimited Orchestra begins the night with a rare public performance at 8 PM.

    "The Drovers Unlimited Orchestra features some of the greats of traditional Irish music, some of the greats of modern jazz, and some of the Drovers, the notorious Irish-influenced rock band. Featured performers have included fiddler Martin Hayes, fiddler Kevin Burke, saxophonist Dave Liebman, drummer Billy Hart, and bassist Cecil McBee.

    The orchestra has been doing a good bit of playing, experimenting, and recording in the Drovers’ studio, Le Studio deLuxe. This includes songs, dance tunes, experimental bits, and music for specific occasions. The orchestra has an ongoing series of recordings—Volume #2 is currently being remixed and remastered, and will be available soon."


current art show

Selina Trepp

Coffee Grounds and Consequences

Elastic Arts is pleased to announce Coffee Grounds and Consequences, an exhibition by Selina Trepp.

Trepp’s exhibition will revolve around an installation and a projection, both of which will change continually over the duration of the show’s 3 months.

Over the course of the exhibition, Trepp will create new animations that are projected in the space as well as distributed online.  These animations are short loops, they take up little bandwidth, and are made for web distribution. They are public service announcements that speak to our present political moment, pondering the question of what artistic communities can do and should be doing in the context of the backdrop of recent swings in the country’s socio-political pendulum, while offering positive feedback and encouragement. The videos are an antidote. The installation, meanwhile, reconstitutes a personal experience the artist had over 15 years ago involving fortune-telling via coffee grounds:

In 2001 I spent the night Arielle’s house in London. At the time she lived with Banu, who is a pro coffee grounds reader. Banu offered to read my cup, but when she saw the cup she said that she couldn’t read it after all.  She was obviously a bit freaked out, and so was I. After some prodding she said that she could tell me some things, but that it was difficult because my cup was entirely covered by a dense pattern. There were no distinctive zones in that cup. Reading cups is based on zones, their contents and relationships. My cup refused this mode of reading. She had three things to say:
1. I would be successful in my art career by the time I’m 38.
2. My success wouldn’t be about money or glory.
3. I am incapable of compartmentalization in any area of my life. Everything is connected.

Together, the animation and the installation act as mapping out of the interconnections between Trepp’s studio practice, conceptual provocations, and political impetus. As both are altered over the next three months, the artist will re-calibrate in real time how each piece relates to the other.

Exhibition Dates: on view at all events beginning March 13th through May 27th (and by appointment)
Reception: Sunday April 2nd 3-6pm
Artist Website: www.selinatrepp.info

Elastic’s visual arts program is curated by Jordan Martins.