Julia Dratel

"Intellectual Property"

Elastic Arts is pleased to announce “Intellectual Property”, an exhibition of solo work by Julia Dratel opening on Wednesday, September 19.


“Intellectual Property” is a collection of photographs (film and digital), moving images, and words by Julia Dratel that are caught in the ongoing negotiation of internal and external worlds. The assembled works together form ruminations and queries into trauma and memory, capitalism and social control, kinds of information and kinds of taking up space, family, and portraits of the living and nonliving. She is interested in blurring still life, the intimacy of documentary, and performance through imagery that is both casual and surreal.



Species among us understand
the buoyancy: not
rising but a refusal
to sink, a long


Julia Dratel grew up in New York City and lives in Chicago. She studied Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Chicago. She is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, producer/organizer, DJ, drinker of iced coffee year-round, and bug-lover.


Her work has appeared in/at The Wire, The Chicago Reader, Jezebel, Denver Quarterly, Tone Glow, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Render International Music Video Festival (Vancouver, BC), Fridman Gallery (NYC), Sol Koffler Gallery (Rhode Island School of Design), Elastic Arts (where she also produces experimental performance & community programming), the Hideout, and elsewhere. She also regularly collaborates with musicians and visual artists, with recent projects including a video installation with The Weaving Mill, a music video with Mind Over Mirrors, and album art for Devouring the Guilt, Ken Vandermark’s Marker, and Circuit Des Yeux. She has also made a feature-length experimental documentary/oral history film, Battery Park City, about her neighbors’ first-hand experiences of September 11th, 2001 and the nature of communicating traumatic experience.


Dratel is also currently the in-house video producer at Thrill Jockey Records. She DJs a weekly radio show “Souled & New” on WHPK and co-produces a monthly comedy-and-leftist-organizing showcase Monkey Wrench with Arish Singh. She has also done video/multimedia work on behalf of defense for people fighting incarceration.


Reception: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd | 4 PM

how can you lose, Julia Dratel 2018