Joan of Arc


Elastic Arts is pleased to present JOA20, an exhibition and performance residency celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band Joan of Arc. Eschewing a more predictable form of commemorating this milestone (i.e., playing a huge show at a commercial music venue), Joan of Arc has instead chosen to stick to their unconventional guns and mark the occasion with an exhibition of work by various band members and collaborators, past and present. Additionally, the band will host a performance–musical, film, or otherwise–at Elastic every Tuesday from June 21st through August 16th. The exhibition will be as eclectic and non-linear as Joan of Arc’s members and projects over the years, embracing a wide range of materials and purposes, including highlighted and marked-up copies of The Communist Manifesto, hand-drawn diagrams, tube socks and canvas, black and white photos of humans, abstract photos of firecrackers in boxes of mirrors, and digital animation stills.

Participating Artists/Musicians

Theo Katsaounis  Melina Ausikaitis

Tim Kinsella         Bobby Burg

Jeremy Boyle      Todd Mattei

Chris Strong        LeRoy Bach

Ben Vida             Matthew Goulish

Lin Hixson           Dan Black

Joan of Arc began in 1996 with the clear goal of creating “music for no audience.” We were all constant and voracious consumers and keen observers of all these underground music scenes contemporary at the time: hardcore, punk, post-punk, post-rock, riot girl, emo, math rock, no wave, noise, experimental, drone, free jazz, kraut rock, dub, glitch, drum and bass, psych, folk, and twee. Each of these scenes had its own codes of membership and conformity. So we set out knowing that our failure to be embraced by any prefab audience would be the proof of the singularity of our expression.

-Tim Kinsella

JOA20 coincides with the release of the band’s new album “He’s Got The Whole This Land is Your Land In His Hands” (Joyful Noise Records) on August 5th.

Elastic Art’s visual art is programmed by Jordan Martins


Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4th, 7-10 pm
Closing Event: Friday August 19th
Exhibition dates: June 4th – August 19th
Performance Residency: every Tuesday, June 21st through August 16th, 8pm

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