At Elastic, the visual arts combine with the performing arts to make our space a welcoming and vital home for the broadest possible field of creative activity, adding depth and richness to our performance programming, and inviting work that straddles the line between performance and visual experience.  The Visual Gallery program presents exhibitions in our 2,500 sq ft multi-arts space on a quarterly basis. Each exhibition runs for roughly eight to ten weeks, leaving a two-week window for other, shorter event programs that include visual components. Elastic’s Visual Gallery, like its performance events, focuses on unusually innovative, experimental, and adventurous work, and on that which challenges the boundaries among mediums, disciplines, perspectives, and traditions. Elastic’s Visual Gallery is an opportunity for artists to show work in a non-traditional space, where a great number of people who might not otherwise visit a gallery show will experience their work as they attend performances.  The Visual Gallery was conceived in 2006 and then reenvisioned in 2014 by Jordan Martins, who curated it for the next five years. In 2019 the Visual Gallery program adopted a new model, incorporating a curatorial residency that rotates each year in order to provide new energy and fresh vision on an ongoing basis.

Visual Gallery
Curatorial Residency

The Visual Gallery Curator at Elastic Arts is responsible for planning, programming, and coordinating visual art for the gallery area at Elastic Arts. Beyond selecting the artists, the Visual Gallery Curator ensures that artists are familiar with the space and its idiosyncrasies, installs and de-installs shows, creates/gathers support materials for promoting events, produces opening receptions, and performs various other tasks as needed to fulfill the mission of the the Visual Gallery. Visual Arts Curator also writes a critical essay/review/interview for each of the exhibitions that is included in the quarterly Graphic Notes publication produced by Elastic Arts.

Alyssa Brubaker 2020/2021 Visual Arts Curator

Alyssa Brubaker is an independent curator, graphic designer and DJ based out of Chicago, IL whose interests explore the intersections of art and music. She is currently the Visual Arts Curatorial Resident at Elastic Arts and recently curated Gesamt, 2020 and Jan Brugger: Devices to Stay Afloat, 2019. Brubaker is co-founder of Stylin’ Out Network, a talent collective and community platform that supports and engages with emerging DJ’s, artists, dancers and other creatives throughout the city, and DJ’s around Chicago as Jillian x. During the day, Brubaker is the Exhibitions Manager at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago and the Director of Design at the Evanston Art Center. She also shares her time as the Resident DJ for Creative Mornings Chicago, a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community. She received a BFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA.