• Tuesday January 26 | 7:00 pm

    We Series: Screens


s dedicated to the ritual of eating and sharing food. Snacks, meals, hunger, dinner parties, ingestion, digestion.
Health, January 12. This edition addresses health, medicine, and healing. Also healing, mending, sickness, diagnoses, public health, viruses. This virus.
Sleep, January 19. This chapter is a ceremony for rest, naps, and dreams. Insomnia, cuddling, existential exhaustion, sleepwalking, stars.
Screens, January 26. This evening honors screens and their role in connecting and separating us. Portals, mirrors, gateways, the internet, extended reality, virtual reality, time zones, sitelessness, spacelessness.
We are asking pairs of writers to work together to create an original essay, exchange, interview, cookbook, poetry collection, script, or other text-based artwork of any length. Our hopeful lineup of writers includes novelists, performers, visual artists, playwrights, designers, and chefs. We are encouraging writers to pilot weird and experimental strategies both around the themes and around the ideas of performance, ceremony, and reader interaction.

Though the pandemic has been tough in so many ways, we feel excited and curious about this experiment in this moment. We expect the responses will amount to a hopeful and truly strange archive of pandemic experience.

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