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    We Series: a ritual for Sleep

    We Series is a festival presenting live art that blurs the boundary between performance and reality. Every Tuesday in May, the We Series offers rituals, participatory performance, and immersion in artist-led experiences.


We Series: a ritual for Sleep
Featuring 5am moon, Mistress Moonbones, Andrew Tham & Jeff Kimmel, Mabel Kwan, Ida Cuttler, Kim Alpert, Adrian Wong


This chapter is a ritual for rest, sleepers, and insomniacs. Lullabies, existential exhaustion, cuddling, dreams, sleeplessness, nightmares, snoring. This very special edition of the We Series runs overnight at Elastic Arts with guests invited to sleep over. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket, a sleeping bag or pad, pillows, and anything else you would like to sleep with.


**Doors locked at 1am**

5am Moon has been sleeping at semi-regular intervals for over four decades, and music has frequently played a role as both a sleep agent and as an incidental score for dreams. The boombox with the 6 disc changer used to play all night long; drowning out apartment chatter and disgruntled dogs; a slow, gentle gravitational pull seeping into the room to remove its walls.

Ida Cuttler is a performer, writer, and arts educator. She is an ensemble member of the Neofuturists, performing in their late night show “The Infinite Wrench” since 2014. Ida is also a company member of “Barrel of Monkeys” and teaches creative writing in Chicago Public Schools. Before moving to Chicago in 2013, she graduated with a BA in theater from UCLA . Ida Cuttler is currently working on her first full length solo show entitled “Comfortable Shoes” which will premiers in the fall of 2019. When not writing or performing or teaching she can be found selling books at Women and Children First in Andersonville.

Jeff Kimmel is a Chicago-based clarinetist, improviser, and composer. He is a member of the experimental music ensemble a.pe.ri.od.ic and regularly collaborates with artists in a range of settings.

Mistress Moonbones (aka Margaret Morris) is a yogi and artist. Her current work is a channeled direct transmission from her guides or higher Self and is part of her lifelong series entitled Quantum Negress Tantras. QNT pulls from Morris’s metaphysical studies, rituals, and growing grimoire. Margaret was conceived the night her parents received their initiations on the path of Sant Mat. She takes her own path of knowing Mistressry through sincerity, forgiveness, and love. Namaste.

Andrew Tham is a writer, composer, and performer. He is a co-founder of the cassette tape label Parlour Tapes+ and an associate artist with the Neo-Futurists. He also performs in various big TEEN bands around Chicago.

We each have an effect on the rooms we enter. With our presence we bring our personal experience and hidden motivations. We encounter others who bring the same. And in this ecology we can develop a common purpose that amplifies, refracts, upsets, or transcends the notions we brought in with us. Just by being together we are making meaning, with and for each other.


Because your presence at the We Series affects us all, we ask some things of you:


-Arrive knowing your presence is part of the event. You may be called to participate.

-Depending on the evening, bring bedding, a mask, or an item for trade. Read instructions carefully.

-If you are able, donate by free will to the artists.