• May 14 2019 | 8:00 pm

    We Series: a ritual for Lost Things

    We Series is a festival presenting live art that blurs the boundary between performance and reality. Every Tuesday in May, the We Series offers rituals, participatory performance, and immersion in artist-led experiences.


We Series: a ritual for Lost Things
Featuring Joanna Jamerson, Molly Scranton and Emmett Ramstad, Jessica Anne, Emma Casey


This chapter is a ritual for lost things, objects, people. Grief, discovery, memory, forgetfulness, humor. Bring a pair of scissors, a seam ripper, or some other tool.


Jessica Anne is an alumnus of the Neo-Futurist ensemble. She’s the author of A Manual for Nothing (Noemi Press), and she edits Nonfiction for MAKE.

Emma Casey is writer, performer, maker of zines and other things. She lives in Chicago and is a member of the ShowParty ensemble. She will be tabling at the Chicago Zine Fest this May!

Joanna Jamerson is an artist living in Chicago. You can see her most weekends performing in The Neo-Futurist’s (sometimes) late night show, The Infinite Wrench. You can also see her face on bathroom advertisements at the illustrious Second City Training Center.

Emmett Ramstad’s sculpture and participatory works investigate the infrastructure of daily life by modifying the scale and function of familiar household objects. Ramstad lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has exhibited artworks nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions at Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Rochester Art Center.

Molly Roth Scranton‘s studio practice uses everyday household objects, language, and quotidian aesthetics to create assemblages, paintings, installations, and time based works. Her interests lie in sentiment, longing, escapism, labor, and anxiety. Her work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad, including the Weisman Art Museum, the Finnish Academy of Fine Art, and the Hyde Park Art Center. She currently lives and works in Chicago. Emmett and Molly are both parents of small children.

We each have an effect on the rooms we enter. With our presence we bring our personal experience and hidden motivations. We encounter others who bring the same. And in this ecology we can develop a common purpose that amplifies, refracts, upsets, or transcends the notions we brought in with us. Just by being together we are making meaning, with and for each other.


Because your presence at the We Series affects us all, we ask some things of you:


-Arrive knowing your presence is part of the event. You may be called to participate.

-Depending on the evening, bring bedding, a mask, or an item for trade. Read instructions carefully.

-If you are able, donate by free will to the artists.