• Feb 22 2019 | 9:00 pm

    The Machine is Neither… & Jasmine Mendoza feat. Katinka Kleijn & Lia Kohl / alican çamcı

    Together with dancer Jasmine Mendoza, The Machine Is Neither... will perform a set of music for dancer, interactive soundscape and flutes, in which the dancer wears a motion capture suit that allows her, as a dancer, to become a musical instrument in her own right. Special guest appearances from cellists Katinka Kleijn and Lia Kohl, with an opening performance from alican çamcı.

The Machine is Neither… is an interactive electroacoustic collaboration between artists Emma Hospelhorn and Ben Sutherland that uses motion capture technology to blur the line between movement and instrumental performance.


alican çamcı’s output includes works for small and large ensembles, electro-acoustic compositions, solo instrumental music, and sound installations. His recent works feature an investigation of sound as a potentially documentary medium. He seeks to explore this aspect through the use of field and speech recordings, found sounds, everyday materials in relation to the performative dimension introduced by the musicians in a live situation.