• Thursday June 17 | 7:00 pm

    The Indeterminacy Consulting Group Presents – Four Directions: How to Re-Discipline in the 21st Century


It starts with this: today we have too much anxiety and not enough influence. Many of us place a great deal of pressure on ourselves to be original. With so much emphasis on finding and promoting oneself, there is a lot of anxiety. Psychologist Samuel Veissière contends, there is plenty of rigor, but it is pointed in the wrong direction. “Too much time, effort, and intention are being dedicated to being or finding oneself. Lacking mentors and role models, and without a script, path, or rituals to live by, an individual’s mind and affect and actions run amok, aimlessly.”
To help us re-discover these models, we can learn from living scholars. These are individuals who have first trained and achieved mastery in a disciplinary field and then, gone beyond that training, to improvise their ideas in an interdisciplinary mode. This process, of returning to what one knows, but in new and unexpected formulations, can be called re-disciplining.
On June 17th, ICG will present “Four Directions” for Re-Disciplining in the 21st Century from four artist-scholars engaged in this process: Adelheid Mers, Julian Terrell Otis, Spencer Parsons, and Ben Zucker.
This event is curated by The Indeterminacy Consulting Group founder & director Stanzi Vaubel, PHD.
There will be a limited audience for this event and you must purchase a ticket in advance to attend. Please head to this link to purchase tickets.


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