• Jun 16 2019 | 8:00 pm

    Morher, Doll Food, Johanna Brock, Tenguyawn

    A femme-forward lineup of solo artists from near and far will lead this night of sonic exploration. Spanning a diverse realm of sound, each artist uses elements of improvisation to craft music, ambiance and enveloping moods. Visuals by Sara Goodman will add psychedelic dimension to the live performances while aura readings by Clairvoyant Ali Hunger will offer energetic activation throughout the night.

Doll Food




DOLL FOOD is the sound and voice project of Lri LaPelusa, a texture-based artist living in Chicago. Using the body as a primary instrument, it seeks to simulate dissociative experiences by mining melody from disharmony, while compelling movement. Previously released an album on Not Not Fun Records.

Johanna Brock




Johanna Brock is a violist and improvisor based in Chicago. With a sound that evokes orchestral landscapes, free jazz, and sonic collage, her work explores the relationship between meaning and sound. “Blending elements of pop, electronic, jazz and classical music with rhythms and melodies that seem otherworldly, Brock has established herself as a truly dynamic force capable of realizing nearly any sonic vision.” —Midwest Action

Morher (SEA/NYC)




Ambrosia Bardos excavates images of death, pain, sex, grief, and catharsis across sound, film, and visual art. In conversation with Rromani and Quileute ancestry and queer and sex working lineages, their work is abstract and indecipherable. They’ve survived 8 near death experiences, existing in a constant flux between reality and the void. 🕳

Tenguyawn (SEA/NYC)




Dan Ahrendt uses a variety of vocal styles and intentional samples to compose industrial club music that chases after catharsis as Tenguyawn.

Sara Goodman (visuals)




Sara is the co-founder of the New Media collective S H R I N E and one half of AV Duos Interference// , ethereal_interface, and Cruising Utopia. They work and collaborate with other curators and parties in Chicago such as Eutopia and TRQPiTECA, bringing live visuals and TV installations to further enhance the ambiance of those spaces. Sara’s work also aims to create a psychedelic experience for the viewer. A space where color, texture and landscape can help the mind to relax and expand with easier access to extra dimensions. 

Ali Hunger (aura readings)




Clairvoyant and Energy Worker Ali Hunger will be offering mini aura readings at this show to add an element of energetic activation to the space throughout the evening. Ali has been practicing energy work, clairvoyant readings, energy healings and  teaching techniques to care for the energy system since 2005, “Everything is energy. I look Clairvoyantly at your energy, foreign energy that you may be handling and most importantly; energy of your truth which may have been hidden, lost or forgotten.”