• Mar 19 2015 | 9:00 pm

    Ten x Ten

    Ten x Ten 2015 Recorded Performance: 10 musicians + 10 artists

Homeroom + Spudnik Press + Elastic Arts present:

Thursday, March 19, 9:00pm $10


Ten x Ten: Recorded Performance


At this live music and art event, the Ten x Ten 2015 visual artists and musicians present their work in a collaborative performance.  The music from this evening will be recorded live and used for the vinyl pressing, which will be released in September, along with prints from each of the visual artists.


Ten x Ten is a collaboration that challenges artists to stretch and expand their creative process. The 2015 iteration brings together visual artists and musicians that incorporate improvisation into their art practice. With us, Elastic Arts, as the guest curator, the project highlights jazz and investigates how artists across media utilize improvisation.


Witness the entire artistic process by following us at tenxtenchicago.com



Josh Berman
Paul Giallorenzo
Anton Hatwich
Keefe Jackson
Peter Maunu
Eli Namay
Ryan Packard
Cameron Pfiffner
Jason Stein
Phil Sudderberg


Visual Artists:

Salvador Andrade
Jerome Bryerton
Uriel Correa
Rob Funderburk
Trevor Goosen
Andrew Holmquist
Hannah Ireland
Vesna Jovanovic
Alexander Stewart
Cynthia Weiss


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