• Feb 24 2017 | 9:00 pm

    Dorocke/Abbey/Adasiewicz/Vida, Chen/Aoki, Sonderberg/Mills

    Elastro Electro-Acoustic Series presents: Stephen Dorocke/John Abbey/Jason/Adasiewicz/Adam Vida; Jonathen Chen/Tatsu Aoki; Adam Sonderberg/Joe Mills

>>> Stephen Dorocke/John Abbey/Jason Adasiewicz/Adam Vida

//////// Jonathen Chen/Tatsu Aoki

++++++++ Adam Sonderberg/Joseph Clayton Mills


Stephen Dorocke is a sound artist and improvisor based in Chicago, Illinois. Primarily a steel guitarist, he has performed and recorded with the Handsome Family and Freakwater, among other groups, while still maintaining a boundless curiosity for less familiar spheres of sound, which have inspired his innovations in recent years with a metal-bodied resophonic, or resonator, guitar.


Tatsu Aoki and Jonathan Chen began collaborating nearly 10 years ago while Chen was still based in Chicago. They have released two recordings as an improvising duo. The sounds produced vary from full and lush to percussive with intermittent patches of silence. While some of the timbres may sound electronic due to the extended techniques sometimes employed by the players, they at actually made entirely on acoustic instruments: bass, violin and viola.


Adam Sonderberg and Joseph Clayton Mills are longtime collaborators in the electro acoustic trio Haptic.