• Jul 18 2020 | 7:00 pm

    Shikoukairo II: Patterns of Thought

    Consumate bassist Tatsu Aoki brings together a quartet including Rami Atassi, Charles Rumback, and Tiger Tanaka, rounding out rhythms, vibes, and jams… creating a new sound different from the MIYUMI Project.

We’re thrilled to host Shikoukairo II: Patterns of Thought, which for this event will include a quartet ft. Tatsu Aoki, Rami Atassi, Charles Rumback, and Tiger Tanaka along with a solo set from Hiroshi Mehata. This goes down Saturday 7/18 at Elastic Arts and will be streamed live on the Asian Improv aRts Midwest’s homepage (link in bio). This is in conjunction with the Chicago Obihiro Project Initiative and Hairpin Arts Center. Music begins at 7:00pm CST! Link below.















Tune in here : https://stream.airmw.org/