• Sep 2 2018 | 9:00 pm

    Record Release Event: Norman W. Long’s Electro-Acoustic Dubcology I-IV on Reserve Matinee

    Electro-Acoustic Dubcology I- IV composed between 2007 - 2012, now packaged together in a limited cassette edition by Reserve Matinee and also available on Bandcamp. The title refers to a recording style made popular in Jamaica in the early 1970's called dub and ecology: German Ökologie : Greek oikos, house + German -logie, study (from Greek -logi?, -logy). 1. The science of the relationships between organisms and their environments. Also called bionomics. 2. The relationship between organisms and their environment. The recording and composition processes are a combination of acoustic- ecology, electro-acoustic and dub sound practice. These compositions are “versions” of his experiences in these spaces and communities.

Norman W. Long Dubcology Trio w/ Angel Bat Dawid and Xris Espinoza







Norman W. Long (b. 1973, Chicago, IL) is an artist/composer and. His practice involves walking, listening, collecting, improvising, performing and recording to create objects, environments and situations in which he and the audience are engaged in dialogues about memory space, value, silence and the invisible. He has performed and exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center (1998), Experimental Sound Studio, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Hungryman Gallery, Harold Washington College, Chicago Artists Coalition Gallery, Links Hall, Elastic, and the Arts Club for the 2015 Chicago Humanities Festival. Norman has received 3Arts Award for Sound Art in 2012, 3Arts Djerassi (Woodside, CA) Artists Residency Fellowship in 2014, BOLT Artist in Residence at the Chicago Artists Coalition in 2014-2015, 3Arts Fellowship at AS220 (Providence, RI) 2017 Artist in Residence program, 3Walls RaD Lab Fellow for 2017-2018 and Guest Composer at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, Sweden made possible in part by the City of Chicago’s DCASE grant.


Angel Bat Dawid

Angel Bat Dawid is a Black American Traditional Music Composer, Improviser, Clarinetist, Pianist and Vinyl Addict…Sonic archaeologist gathering and excavating soundz//music from space, the heavens, the ether and beyond. Restoring  peace, love and healing to the world using the most powerful tool imaginable — OMINI-VERSAL SOUND. Music is a language, you see, a universal language.-Sun Ra


Xris Espinoza

A visionary musician, artist and thinker, Xris believes “the spiritual technology of sound [tone science] has the power to uplift the spirit, engaged and expand consciousness, reveal unfathomed depths of ancient wisdom and synchronize brainwaves with the natural acoustic resonance of mother earth La Pachamama.”

Sara Zalek

Sara Zalek is an artist, choreographer, and curator rooted in Butoh and investigations of personal identity. She is obsessed with time travel, experimental science, hybrid animals, permaculture, and the intentional act of transformation. // www.saratonin.com

Esper Werm


Studies in aleatoric music from one of the most exciting and promising producers we’ve crossed paths with this year. “Gunk 1” wastes no time murking up the stereo field, driving the most curious of listeners to embrace found rhythms and unknowable frequencies. The only personal reveal on the album, “Gunk 3”, sees a collaboration with Chicago saxophonist Carlos Chavarria (ADT, Inclusions, etc). Those who make it to the ninth gunk are treated with an insane psychedelic drone take.



Conceived, inspired, and partially recorded in Uptown’s historically famous Green Mill jazz club, ‘Smoke Signals’ is a haunting sonic reminder of those who once sat in our place. Themes of love & longing.. but from who? And from which angle?