• Feb 23 2020 | 5:00 pm

    Angel Bat Dawid Mothership9 Youth Space Jam

    Greetings Mystic Travelers, It's Mothership9 Time again, and we are having a Youth Space Jam!!!

This mission is all about the wonderful Future of this music. And to help us on this journey I have asked Jazz Soul Hip/Hop Ensemble Abstract Tribe and Pianist/Composer Mahari Ajani-Collier to lead the way.


Abstract Tribe is an incredible group of young folks mostly who attend Chicago Academy of the Arts High School. This amazing ensemble just dropped a killer single called “Sol” which they performed all the instruments, recorded and self-produced all on their own!



Opening for Abstract Tribe will be the marvelously talented Mahari-Ajani Collier. Mahari is an amazing 9 year old pianist and composer (and my pupil..so proud). He will be premiering his original composition “Twilight Zone”.


The evening will end with a Youth led Jam Session.


All Children and Teens are welcome at any level of musicianship. We will have small instruments, piano, drums, electronics and maybe even pull the Organ out. Kids can bring their own instruments as well as parents, teachers, etc. Think outside of the box of what instrumentation is as well…pots, pans, buckets…bring it all…its gonna be a whole lot of FUN!!


Like the Great and wonderful song say


“ I believe the Children are our Future, teach them well and let THEM lead the Way!



The Mothership9

Mothership9 is a monthly series of creative music concerts, education and community participatory events of diverse styles approaches and genres with the purpose of building a sonic mythological spaceship to the cosmos. This series will explore the connection between space, cosmos, mythology and its relation to Chicago’s deep history and tradition of creative music as a valid construct for empowerment, healing and solidarity.