• Sunday January 19 | 9:00 pm

    Mothership9: CELESTIAL WINTER PLANETARY BALL feat. Big Fellas, DJ Shon Dervis & DJ Mr. Jaytoo

    It's COLD outside so it's time to wiggle and warm up our bodies. Yes yes yess!!! For the 6th installment of Mothership9 we are celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., and throwing a Celestial Winter Planetary Ball. On this expedition we focus on the wonderful and crucially important role Disc Jockeys play in our community. DJs are musicians, live remixers, and live producers they take sounds, layer them, mix them, and present them in powerfully magical ways that keep us dancing and having a good time. DJ's connect the community together through this sacred and important art form. So to take us on the journey Ive invited The BIG FELLAS, DJ. Shon Dervis & DJ Mr. Jaytoo to drive the Mothership9. Big Fellas have been DJ's in Chicago and all over the world for decades, and they will bring their ferocious energy and epic collection of records and 45s with them to get us moving and grooving!

So get yo dancing shoes


Lets stomp our feet and clap our hands…and bring your instruments too it’s a jam session as well!


Enjoy tasty delectable treats from Vegan Chef and Spiritual Sage Zen Frankie


Its gon be a fun night


Lets Get Crackin.. ALLL ABOARD!!!!


The Mothership9

Starchild! Citizens of the universe! Recording angels!
We have returned to claim the pyramids.
Partying on the Mothership, I am the Mothership connection
Mothership Connection (Starchild),
Parliament (1975)

Mothership9 is a series of creative music concerts, education and community participatory events of diverse styles approaches and genres with the purpose of building a sonic mythological spaceship to the cosmos. This series will explore the connection between space, cosmos, mythology and its relation to Chicago’s deep history and tradition of creative music as a valid construct for empowerment, healing and solidarity