• May 10 2015 | 7:00 pm


    Western Michigan University's Advanced Jazz Ensemble & Artists of WMU's Dept. of Dance

METRICS is a five-movement suite composed for a 10 piece ensemble. The idea behind the suite is derived from a variety of impressions of what the word Metrics means. In jazz and improvised music, there is a trend towards shifting meters and odd time signatures, and this work makes widespread use of these devices. Metrics also refers to measurement, and also the study of meter in poetry. The piece attempts to realize these ideals by formulating both “poetic” melodic statements, and various forms which evolve in a measured way. The music is at times incredibly dynamic with a deep rhythmic drive, and at other times is plaintive and restrained.

Kirsten Harvey has choreographed a engaging, evocative piece which has a deep connection to the music. Her work has a strong emotional core and has been widely praised as engaging and vibrant. In the same manner as the music, the dancers are asked to both realize ensemble passages and improvise with the musicians. The artists are required to navigate asymmetrical forms and phrases, and reflect these in their movements, and interact with the musicians in real time.