• Aug 6 2020 | 7:00 pm

    Virtual Exquisite Crawl

    MAKE Literary Productions and Homeroom Chicago Present: A Virtual Exquisite Crawl Across Three Venues!

Thursday August 6th 7:00-7:15PM @ Elastic Arts (online)

MAKE Literary Productions and Homeroom Chicago present

A Virtual Exquisite Crawl

Through this arts-packed, virtual crawl across three online venues, audiences will witness the unveiling of three distinct exquisite corpse video pieces—each created by a group of three artists and beginning with the same line of poetry from Nate Marshall’s “Imagine

we imagine

being together & that is the first step.

Using the well-known exquisite-corpse drawing method as the format, each of nine participants created a short, multimedia video, resulting in three final group videos, each one streamed through a different venue successively from 7-8pm.

7:00PM – Deidre Huckabay/Carla Gruby/Jasmine Henri Jordan @ Elastic Arts
7:15PM – Sam Lewis/Jennifer Ligaya/Maya Odim @ Arts + Public Life
7:30PM – Tselanie Townsend/Kristin Lueke/Nandini Khaund + Artist Talk @ the Hideout

Join us here : https://www.elasticarts.org/streaming