• Jun 5 2016 | 8:00 pm

    Itasca // David Nance // Matchess

    Itasca // David Nance // Matchess




“Itasca is a band based in Los Angeles, CA, originally created as an alias for folk guitarist and songwriter Kayla Cohen, and now touring and recording as a full band, with various Los Angeles-based players, currently pedal steel player Dave McPeters, drummer Coleman Guyon, and bassist and vocalist Julia Nowak. Cohen was raised in New York State; and has released several cassettes, CDs, and one LP over the past half-decade following a relocation west to LA in 2011. In this same time period, Cohen has toured the country as Itasca several times in various guises, alternately as a solo guitar player, and continuing the folk tradition by traveling as a singer and songwriter. She follows in the footsteps of iconoclasts such as Michael Chapman and Bridget St. John, while simultaneously carrying the mythology of the modern American desert West in her musical style and iconography. A new LP featuring Cohen and her collaborators is due in the fall of 2016. Over the past few years Itasca has played with many acts including Spires that in the Sunset Rise, Bitchin’ Bajas, Daniel Bachman, Circuit des Yeux, Valet and Sophia Knapp.”

David Nance Band


“Goldilocked hero and Unread Records cassette veteran, Nance recently stepped out of his burned out basement in Omaha, Nebraska and steeped himself in the city of angels, provoking collective grief and inciting small riots in the hearts of the house show universe here. Rocker and singer-songwriter from that catchy, shambolic mess called The Prairies, he also plays lead guitar and shouts in Simon Joyner’s band, the Ghosts.

Here he is making his vinyl debut, “Actor’s Diary,” paying debts and taking names. Recorded late at night alone in Joyner’s warehouse studio, Casa de los Fantasmas, over a two month period leading up to his west coast pilgrimage, this is anguish and expectation and meditations on what was, is, and might be in the artist’s life.

A certain Omaha sacred monster recently called Nance “the best bad guitarist he’s ever heard.” Channeling Jim Shepard, heroin-era Stones and New Zealand’s notorious Jefferies brothers through broken and poorly repaired gear, Nance rock is indeed the new pasture!” 

Matchess is Chicago’s own Whitney Johnson.