• Sunday March 1 | 2:00 pm

    “Gesamt” Closing Reception & Album Release

    Catch the last day of Gesamt, an exhibition by Chicago-based artist Takashi Shallow.

RSVP here to receive a free copy of Gesamt’s new EP “Inflator.”

DJ Quicktastic will also be playing a special soundtrack.


*Refreshments will be served


Takashi Shallow identifies imagined and real hierarchies that he presents through found objects and social engagement. His practice takes shape in part as a “music-ish” label called Gesamt, a body of work that pursues collaborative, interdisciplinary art.


On view in the gallery will be a series of collaborative projects by Shallow and other practitioners that showcases Gesamt’s synergetic and transmedium processes. Self-described as “medium translations,” Gesamt is the result of a system in which ideas are transmitted through a series of exchanges (think exquisite corpse) to achieve mutual elevation. It emphasizes process and product equally, stressing that there is no hierarchy between mediums, authorship, or outcome, but rather a synthesis of ideas that create a Gesamtkunstwerk, or a total work of art.