• Nov 10 2019 | 1:00 pm

    EVOLution: The Healing Arts Movement

    A monthly multidisciplinary Healing Art’s Immersion. Curated by Shannon Harris of Audio Pharmacology™/Urbanicity. "EVOLution" seeks to explore experimental variations in the healing art's intermingling different modalities and cultural aesthetics in a inter-generational sacred space. Our mission is to engage audiences in unique ways via positive brain entrainment and multi-sensory expression. Join us November 10th for the Sono Geometry Experience featuring Shannon Harris, Rod Echols and Vandorn Hinnant.


Sono Geometry Experience (SGE)
Entertainment for healthy brain and body entrainment.


combining form
prefix: sono-
1. relating to sound


the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs.


The Sono Geometry Experience (Shannon Harris, Rod Echols & Vandorn Hinnant) is a experimental Healing Art’s sound performance featuring vibro-acoustics, cymatics, sound levitation, sacred/sonic geometry, physics, instrument design and visual display installations to induce a live interactive audio/visual transformation. Our mission is to use entertainment applications to inspire healthy brain and body entrainment experiences. Audience participants are expected to encounter relaxation, stress removal, calmness, pain relief, mindfulness, inner connection, and focus. “When the math and sciences add up so does the intended results.” – Shannon Harris


Artist Bios:


Shannon has been initiated into many traditional indigenous healing arts modalities since 2003. He has taught different forms of Qi Gong/Yoga/Meditation internationally in Brazil, Canada, Kenya, India, and London along with traveling monthly all over the USA. Shannon has been a practitioner of Medical Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, Bazi and veganism, which lead to the creation of his own trademarked moniker “Audio Pharmacology™”. His current main focus has been on developing/instructing his unique style of Audio Pharmacology™ Spiraling Serpent Medical Qi Gong and Healing Arts at festivals, conferences, centers, schools, health and wellness fairs internationally.

His first foray into DJ’ing came when he started to play records as a hobby at family reunions and local community parties, all of which led to him hosting a radio show (WIUS 88.3 FM) for 4 years where he continued to rise as a talented and unique radio personality of that time. His love and passion for a diverse world relentlessly pushed him to expose his listeners to quintessential albeit atypical music, contributing to a wealth of knowledge in different genres. Shannon’s ubiquitous disc jockey programming, compositions, productions, performances and on-air personality opened up many opportunities for him to travel worldwide to 5 continents and have performance residencies in various nightclubs, festivals, yoga studios, centers and other global events.



Rod Echols has been involved in some aspect of music for over 40 years. Starting as a bass player in St. Louis. Later becoming a roadie/stage technician for the World Renowned Art Ensemble of Chicago over a 15 year period. Rod has also worked in Jazz Radio at KWUR @ Wash U. and WHPK @ U of C as Jazz Director. And in recent years Rod earned a Sound Therapy Certification from Globe Institute of Sound in San Francisco.

Rod offers Sound Therapy to help clients in his current home of Chapel Hill, NC and here in Chicago.

Rod is also an inventor and innovator and for this experience, the challenge is to provide an experience in Sound, Shape, Color and Vibration Experience that will promote Healing to all that come.





Vandorn Hinnant grew up in the Old Asheboro neighborhood in Greensboro, North Carolina. He received a Bachelor of Art’s degree from North Carolina A&T University and studied visual arts at A&T State University and UNC -Greensboro. Many of Hinnant’s works explore mandalas; a visual spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing wholeness in the universe. He uses circles, lines, angles, polyhedrons, and color to explore mandalas in his drawings, paintings and sculpture which are often installed together.

In 1988, Vandorn exhibited work at Duke University’s Institute for the Arts based on the 13th century Fibonacci numbers and Lucas Pacioli’s treatise. He began studying Sacred Geometry formally in 1989 with inventor and physicist Robert L. Powell, Sr. Since the late 1980’s he introduced fractal mathematics, the Golden Ratio, the Logarithmic Spiral, Sacred Geometry and most currently STEAM concepts into his work to explore metaphysical ideas. The ancient architectures in Egypt, India, Rome and Greece that use these concepts were original influences for him to unpack “pre-material templates of energies,” he states. Hinnant has also referenced Buckminster Fuller, Leonardo da Vinci, and M.C. Escher as inspirations because of their use of geometry and math in their work. Part of his objective is to catalyze dialogues through and around his work connecting these concepts to human relationships and encouraging education around the golden proportion.

Hinnant’s work is in public collections at the SAS Institute, the Atlanta International Airport, Fayetteville State University, The City of Winston-Salem, Wachovia Bank, Capital Broadcasting Company in Raleigh, NationsBank in Charlotte, Miller Brewing Company, North Carolina Central University Art Museum, Kalamazoo Institute for the Arts, Duke University Medical Center, Phizer Pharmaceuticals, Brandywine Workshop Collection, the Cumberland County Public Library, and The Greensboro GreenWay Project among many other locations across the United States.