• Nov 10 2019 | 9:00 pm

    Evil Sword / Blood Licker / Richard Album

    Evil Sword (Philly) invade Elastic Arts, bringing their swampy metal sound and spooktacular production to Chicago. Supported by; Blood Licker with their visceral fangs and Richard Album with his shiny pop dreams. Not a show to miss! $10 doors @ 9PM

Blood Licker


Blood Liquor makes you sicker

Evil Sword


Magic Pictures is proud to present Evil Sword’s full length album Agony of the Wart God. Deep inside the hideous forest, between life and death, laughter and slaughter, you’ll find Evil Sword. Vocalist Kate Ferencz and bassist Ben Furgal carve out a shadowy world of percussive horrors. Bells and idyllic whistles give birth to otherworldly squeals and squawks which soon degenerate into cries of anguish and rattling chains. Will you scream in terror or dance in delight as the world burns? One thing is certain –  Once you’ve listened to Agony of the Wart God, you’ll never be the same.


Richard Album


Chicago’s “reigning matinee idol” has done it again!  Richard Album, a name synonymous with albums, has finished his latest masterpiece, “Another Album.”  The sixth full-length jewel in a crown already quite bejeweled, “Another Album” contains twelve effervescent pop songs so special they couldn’t have been released any way but together.  Richard is beaming with the joy and pride of a proud papa.  Listen to one song, listen to two, listen to three, or heck, even listen to all twelve– any way you slice it, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime!  And since this music really speaks for itself, I won’t say “Another” word!