• Feb 21 2020 | 9:00 pm

    Elastro/CLEAT 16-channel Spring #2: Kirkbride, Test, Espinoza

    Building off the enormous success of the launch of the CLEAT 16-channel speaker system at Elastic this January, the Elastro Series and CLEAT are happy to announce the next event in our "16 Channel Spring" season of programming. Our Spring season will continue and build on the mission of Elastro by showcasing new work by musicians, sound designers, and theater artists from across Chicago, across disciplines, and across artistic communities.

Our February event will bring three great artists to the space and to the system:

Brian Kirkbride
Brian Kirkbride is a composer, artist and programmer based in Chicago whose cross-disciplinary practice integrates data, field recordings, synthesizers and found sound from records and films through conceptually-driven audio processing. Most recently, his work has been shown at Whitechapel Gallery, London and The Arts Club of Chicago.

With visual artist Jenny Kendler, Kirkbride has collaborated on several large-scale sound art and data-driven projects, which have been exhibited at venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, EXPO Art Fair Chicago, at the Lincoln Park Conservatory for Experimental Sound Studio and at Millennium Park for the Arts Club of Chicago and Art Institute of Chicago.

Kirkbride has been involved with the Chicago arts community since 2005, when he founded OtherPeoplesPixels, a service that enables artists to share their work online. He is also a co-founder of the OPPfund supporting the arts, social justice and environmental preservation—including the MAKER grant in partnership with the Chicago Artists Coalition.

In 2017, with Nick Santos, Kirkbride established the ClimateMirror project, a volunteer effort to protect at-risk climate data from an anti-science US administration.

Sarah Espinoza
Sarah D. Espinoza is an award winning Chicago-based sound designer. In 2015 she won the Non-Equity Jeff award for sound design for The Arsonists (Strawdog) and in 2018 she won the ALTA Award for Outstanding Sound Design for The Displaced (Haven). Some of the productions she worked on include Borealis (The House Theatre), The Displaced (Haven), Damascus (Strawdog), Future Echoes (WildClaw), Another Jungle (Cloudgate), Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea (First Floor Theatre), Epic Tale of Scale (Chicago Children’s), Fear and Misery in the 3rd Reich (Haven), Little Red Cyrano (Red Theatre), Two Mile Hollow (First Floor Theatre), The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Red Theatre), Going to a Place You Already Are (Red Twist), Night In Alachua County (WildClaw), The Woman in Black (WildClaw), Romeo and Juliet (Loyola University Chicago), and Firebirds (Rivendell), Diamond Dogs (The House Theatre), Thumbelina (Lifeline), You On the Moors Now (The Hypocrites), Farewell My Friend ((re)-discover), Douglass (American Vicarious), Dating and Dragons (The Factory), Midnight Cowboy (Lifeline), Mr. Popper’s Penguins (Lifeline), The Revel (The House Theatre), Motel 666 (WildClaw), Midsummer Night’s Dream (Two Pence), and The Last Defender (The House).

Matt Test
Matt Test is a Chicago-based composer, writer, and interdisciplinary sound artist whose work has been featured everywhere from living rooms and community gardens to Steppenwolf Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. As an ensemble member with the Curious Theatre Branch, one of the city’s oldest fringe companies, he has created and/or helped devise a number of experimental operas, new music theatre works, and soundscapes that play in the spaces between surrealist thought games and structural absurdity. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and an MA in Sound Art and Industries from Northwestern University.