• Oct 26 2019 | 9:00 pm

    Elastro A/V Fall Festival: Night Two

    Night two of a special series of four live electro/acoustic sound + video performances featuring over 40 local artists.

Saturday October 26th 9pm


set one: Sara Goodman / Kit Young – video,  Kikù Hibino – electronics, Alisa Kolot – piano/electronics, Allen Moore – turntables/electronics


set two: Dan Bitney – percussion/electronics, Norman Long – synthesizer/electronics, Matt Mehlan – synthesizer/electronics, Ricardo Mondragon – video


set three: Alex Inglizian – electronics, Julia A. Miller – synth guitar, Daniel Wyche – guitar/electronics, Graham Stephenson – amplified trumpet, Kit Young / Sara Goodman – video


set four: Kim Alpert – video, Jill DeGroot – flute, Lou Mallozzi – turntables/electronics, Sam Pluta – electronics

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This series is curated by Kim Alpert, Alex Babbitt, Paul Giallorenzo, and Daniel Wyche.
With support from mediaThe foundation.