• Jan 29 2016 | 9:00 pm

    Elastro 2016 #1: Genetti/Wildeman || Nevada Greene (MO) || Giant Squid Autopsy

    $5 – $10
    Genetti/Wildeman || Nevada Greene (MO) || Giant Squid Autopsy

Nevada Greene


“Founded as an instrumental quartet in January 2013 Nevada Greene has since evolved into a collective institution within their hometown of Columbia, MO. Often joined by a host of collaborators Nevada Greene’s large ensemble performances and multi media happenings have come to represent something of an orchestral celebration of a small but vibrant avant-garde community in the heart of the Midwest.

The band’s sound employs gentle American style finger picking and twangy folk and western melodies with textural washes of soaring reverb drenched drones and mourning string and wind arrangements to create a warm and intimate, rural brand of ethereal cacophony. Paired with cinematic projections sourced from vintage family video archives and early abstract film, Nevada Greene’s live performance is a cinematic exploration of notions collective memory and nostalgia.

Nostalgia (From the Greek nostos– a return to home and algia -longing) is a longing for a place and time that no longer exists or may have never has existed. It is a sentiment of loss and displacement but also a romance with one’s own fantasy. Originally thought of as a curable disease, doctors prescribed opium and open air to remedy nostalgic symptoms. While this practice has fallen out of fashion, one can never be too cautious and we might recommend taking pre-emptive measures for an optimal listening experience.”

– Dismal Niche Tapes.


Giant Squid Autopsy



Carol Genetti/Albert Wildeman