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    Elastic Arts 3rd Annual Benefit

    Elastic Arts 3rd Annual Benefit ft. 2020 Elastic Achievement Award Honoree Nicole Mitchell

It’s here! The Elastic Arts 3rd Annual Benefit is THIS WEEK! Starting Thursday at 7pm CDT and lasting 3 days, we have a jam-packed weekend of performances, interviews, a silent auction, and more. Please stop by our benefit page to explore! You can see the lineup, check out and bid on items at the Silent Auction, read artist bios, and watch all 3 days of the festival right at that page.  CLICK HERE!

We hope you can stop by for much of the weekend, but we know you’re all very busy and may not be able to hang the whole three nights. The weekend schedule is below so you may curate your own version of our benefit — check out some artists you know, but be sure to take a chance on some you don’t! Discovery is part of the magic at Elastic Arts.


7:00pm CDT – Dustin Laurenzi & Jeremy Cunningham
7:45pm CDT – Mai Sugimoto Trio w/ Joshua Abrams & Isaiah Spencer
8:30pm CDT – Angel Bat Dawid Trio w/ Brooklynn Skye & Anaiet Sivad


7:00pm CDT – Fay Victor (performance + interview)
8:10pm CDT – Deidre Huckabay & Lia Kohl
8:50pm CDT – Cristal Sabbagh, Scott Rubin, Lewis Achenbach


2:00PM CDT – Rebroadcast of Thursday/Friday performances + special presentations from Daniel Wyche, Sam Lewis, and Dr. Adam Zanolini

7:00pm CDT – Allen Moore
7:45pm CDT – Megiapa
8:20pm CDT – Nicole Mitchell Elastic Achievement Award Ceremony
8:30pm CDT – A Word from Dave Rempis & Sam Lewis
8:45pm CDT – Nicole Mitchell
9:20pm CDT – DJ Quicktastic

The organization has been through thick and thin for almost 20 years and this pandemic is just another hurdle we’re prepared to leap over. We have the community, energy, support, and the immense artistic talent to tackle any obstacle. Financial support is needed to make it happen though, so we need your help right now if you are able.

Even if you can’t make the benefit you’re able to offer your support and it will be equally acknowledged and appreciated. Please consider making a DONATION here! We also have so many wonderful items you can win at the SILENT AUCTION, so please check it out.

Tune in at: elasticarts.org/benefit or twitch.tv/elasticartschicago