• Jun 10 2016 | 9:00 pm

    Daniel Wyche (Record Release with Ryan Packard & Julian Lynch) // Akosuen // Ape Forward (Shippy/Sansom) // Forest Management

    Daniel Wyche (Record Release) // Akosuen // Ape Forward (Shippy/Sansom) // Forest Management

Daniel Wyche (Record Release show), with Ryan Packard & Julian Lynch

Daniel Wyche is a guitar-based composer and improviser originally from New Jersey, currently living in Chicago after spending several years in Philadelphia. A founding member of the infamous NJ-based power violence collective in 1998, Daniel works primarily with electric guitar and a wide range of filters, pitch-shifters and delay units, coupled with both guitar- and pedal-based extended techniques. His new record “Our Severed Sleep” is released by Eh?/Public Eyesore on May 15th 2016, and includes “William’s Song,” a piece for guitar and drums debuted at “There is No Repetition” a festival of new music in honor of the work of Mattias Spahlinger in Chicago, March 2015.


Ryan Packard is a Chicago-based drummer, percussionist and absurdly talented individual. A longtime collaborator with Daniel Wyche, Ryan is a member of Fonema Consort,  and has collaborated with more musicians than one can count.


Julian Lynch needs no introduction. An acclaimed songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Julian toured with Wire in 2015, and is the newest addition to the band Real Estate.





Akosuen is the solo project of Chicago-based violinist, composer, and improvisor Billie Howard, leading a prepared-piano cult engaged in pure ritual conjuration. Akosuen involves sounds that focus on breathing cycles, chronic pain, and mediation on both quiet and extremely loud sounds. The name is taken from Chippewa word for “fever” as found in the Longfellow poem Song of Hiawatha. Billie is a member of the Chicago-based a.pe.ri.od.ic ensemble. Sound sketches here: https://soundcloud.com/akosuen

Ape Forward is a duo of legendary Chicago guitarist Mark Shippy and drummer Pat Samson. Best known for their work in U.S. Maple, Pat and mark Mark are members of Miracle Condition, and Mark continues to play and record with Secret Means of Escape, Invisible things, and several other collaborations, including a trio with Daniel Wyche and Ben Billington.


Forest Management