• Oct 12 2016 | 9:00 pm

    Matt Mehlan, Adam Vida, Elliot Bergman / Cyrus Pireh / Fastness

    Cyrus Pireh is performing solo, touring in support of his latest release. Matt / Adam / Elliot will play simple scores for complex results. Fastness opens.

Matt / Adam / Elliot will play “simple scores for complex results”. On the trios collective “CURRICULUM VITAE” are projects and b(r)ands such as Skeletons, US Maple, Nomo, Dahlgren, Metal Tongues, Uumans, Congotronics Vs Rockers, Singer, Wild Belle, Azita, and more.


Cyrus Pireh is performing solo, touring in support of his latest release “Coils on Malbec”, made in collaboration with Alan Courtis (Reynols, collaborator to Pauline Oliveros, Jim O’Rourke, Merzbow, Phill Niblock, etc). As a composer, Cyrus’ works involve sign manipulation with the purpose of keeping the interpretive field open. As a perfromer, Cyrus is interestd in the limits of the body and the self: always pushing towards a physical transcendence but working to situate that trancendence in the quotidian in order to live an every-day-life-transcendence.

Cyrus live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhcFv3jO7qU
New Cyrus Album: https://shinkoyo.bandcamp.com/album/coils-on-malbec


Fastness is the  project of  Centered around her  and voice,  is both intimate and  With the stakes set high, simple arrangements become tension filled ballads and fear driven mantras. Influenced by  scores,    and    is like a high E with a gun to the  like a warm bath that drowns you, like a woman standing.