• Jun 5 2019 | 10:00 pm

    CUFF 2019 Opening Night Party

    Admission included with purchase of a ticket to our opening night film Empty Metal. Tickets for the party only will be available at the door, space permitting.

Chelsea Bridge & Haley McCormick

Chelsea Bridge is a sonic exploration led by classically trained violinist Mallory Linehan through the realms of classical, avant-garde, ambient, electro-acoustic and experimental music. Tapes available on local labels American Damage and Structures without Purpose.


Haley McCormick is a Textural Dependent Conceptual Artist working with a multitude of mediums including Fiber, Clay, Analog Video and Recycled Industrials which have debuted around the world. Layers of texture and organic movement tie the entire body of McCormick’s work.


For this performance Linehan will incorporate live violin with the sounds of looped and manipulated cassette tapes, accompanying McCormick’s analog visual work sourced by the CUFF VHS Archive. This will be the debut of their live collaboration, with an upcoming Winter exhibition tour titled “Fluid”.

A Chorus of Black Voids Sings in Rays of Unseeable Light
Michael Morris

Performance with 2x16mm projection, analog video synthesis, and custom software, 2017
A study in media ontology and the ritual space of cinema in which we sit together in the darkness. Witness the physical presence of film becoming an absence and that absence becoming light. See and hear the echo of frames becoming signals becoming numbers becoming a point of light in the darkness.