• Sep 23 2017 | 7:00 pm

    Chris Zain & Daniel Hojnacki’s “Vesseling” Opening Reception

    OPENING RECEPTION September 23rd, 7pm at Elastic Arts!

Elastic Arts is pleased to announce Vesseling, an exhibition and residency by Chris Zain & Daniel Hojnacki, on display beginning September 23rd.


Zain and Hojnacki explore the nature of vessels—their affordances but also their limitations—whether they be architectural, corporeal, or even conceptual. Of special interest is the process of corruption, decay and degradation that takes place when ideas are reproduced or transferred from one vessel or medium to another. This interrelationship between reproduction and transmutation offers fertile ground for thinking through the artists’ unique cross-media collaboration. Zain and Hojnacki’s exhibition will navigate the interstitial space between their respective mediums of sculpture and photography, exploring how light and other qualities might be used to sculpt images and how sculpture might in turn function imagistically.


Chris Zain is an interdisciplinary artist with an insatiable curiosity in the boundary of the body in all of its physical and spiritual permutations. Her work circulates through the inability of the body to escape its edges, destined to be a self-contained sack of flesh holding mind, body and soul. Zain holds a BA in Art History and Journalism from Loyola University Chicago, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Daniel Hojnacki’s use of photography is driven by material experimentation embodying the investigation into the elusive act of memory. His main source is the archived image and the domestic forgotten landscape. Hojnacki uses found photographs to re-interpret one’s memories into abstracted imagery to convey the confusing and often difficult processes of remembering. Hojnacki uses antiquated techniques and technology of slide projection and exploration of the conventional darkroom. Hojnacki’s practice is persistent on creating works that speak to the inherent role photography plays in how our memories are collected and remembered.