• Oct 28 2016 | 9:00 pm

    Chad Langford [UK] + wrtch = Andy Slater

    Chad Langford [UK] + wrtch = Andy Slater

$10, $7 w/ Student ID



Sympathy for the Creator Chicago Release

“The multifaceted artworks of Ambrosia Bartošekulva are seemingly limitless in their imaginings and mediums. Her vast multistory (and multisensory) installations such as #PLANETS, textured mixed-media paintings including salt honey and menstrual blood, or the internal underworlds invoked in aria as wrtch all contain a common thread of innate wisdom and lead us on journeys not out but through. Despite deep DIY roots in Seattle’s underground, Ambrosia has recently moved to Chicago to pursue a BA of Fine Arts focusing on technology, biology, and sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as the recipient of a full merit scholarship.”


Chad Langford

On Tour from North East England

“He discards the straightforward path for the meandering one as a way of broadening our perspective of a given situation – of increasing the ambiguity inherent in the juxtaposition of media, instead of looking for easy metaphors…”

– Yannis Kyriakides


Andy Slater

Andy Slater is a legally blind sound artist, musician, performer, and author. He produces sound compositions that are influenced by his unique hearing and thought process, which are artifacts of his disability. The majority of Slater’s work is soundtrack or sound design, creating organic-electronic simulated environments that evoke image and color where there is nothing to see. He is also a touring musician and performs with soul and rock band, the Velcro Lewis Group.