• Wednesday July 3 | 9:00 pm

    Buck Curran & Adele H

    "Curran’s first album under his own name invokes swarming natural forces, looking for the borderline between the real and the sublime and, maybe, the supernatural." - Jesse Jarnow/Relix Magazine

Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas is the latest album by guitarist-singer-songwriter Buck Curran. Since 2005, Buck has recorded and performed as one half of the alt-folk duo Arborea. To date, Arborea has released five albums, including 2013’s ESP-Disk’ release Fortress of the Sun, and produced two various- artist compilations (Leaves of Life: a benefit for the World Food Program and We Are All One, In the Sun: a tribute to Robbie Basho). Buck has also produced a second tribute to Robbie Basho, Basket Full of Dragons, released in 2016 on Obsolete Recordings along with his debut solo album Immortal Light.

Buck‘s music has developed through a decade of playing and touring extensively throughout the US, UK, and Europe with Arborea, and the experience of playing Blues and Folk throughout the 1990s. He also draws inspiration from Folk and Rock of the 1960s (John Martyn, Bert Jansch, Pentangle, Peter Green, Tim Buckley, etc)

Adele H is an Italian musician who creates experimental, psychedelic and instinctive music through the use of layers of voice and percussion. Her debut EP Dogmas was released via Obsolete Recordings in 2016 and her debut full length album ‘Civilization’ was released in 2017 on Obsolete Recordings with distribution through Forced Exposure.


Using only her voice, loops and percussion that includes a Brazilian tambourine, Italy’s Adele H paints rhythmic tableaux that pulse deeply with history. Interwoven in the fabric is her astonishing vocal, a super-soulful and sighing coo that glides around the album’s peaks like some serene bird riding thermal up-currents. Reverbed in isolation, it’s such a powerful tool that it’s often deployed in nothing more than multi-tracked a cappella to stunning effect. 


The result is in some ways millennia old and in others cutting edge, a notion emphasised by the album’s conception on the Cistella Mountain in Italy, its evolution while backpacking along the U.S. West Coast and an ultimate denouement when Pappalardo then re-joined the Civic Choir in Milan.

~ [sic] Magazine