• Aug 22 2015 | 9:00 pm

    Big Mama Tao

    Songwriter and producer Emmanuela “BIG MAMA TAO” w/ Brian Quinlan, Clarence Williams Jr., J. Parker

Ain’t it Funky Now… Bluesy, Jazzy, Rockin’ too! Put on your dancing shoes, turn up the REMIX, turn on the GPS, map Paris, France and back to Sweet Home …

…Chicago born singer, songwriter and producer Emmanuela “BIG MAMA TAO” is coming as a child AGAIN, through original songs from her August 2014 debut album: BIG GIRLS! This storyteller boldly shares her broad musical taste as she purrs and rants on; Family Dysfunction, Blood Suckers, True Love, Your Ass, Big Bone Girls and Eternal Life in this Live Performance with

Brian Quinlan – guitar
Clarence Williams Jr. – keyboards
and featuring Chicago MC, J. Parker.

An Artist Q & A following the performance.