• Jun 18 2019 | 9:00 pm

    Barton/Himelstein/Howard, Jen Hill, Debris

    Tonight's performance features three unique and eclectic artists, each working within the sphere of experimental and improvised music. Debris, the working trio of Jakob Heinemann, Peter Maunu and Joe Suihkonen, are joined by sound artist Jen Hill, and an improvised collaboration between Nora Barton, Rebecca Himelstein and Billie Howard.

Rebecca Himelstein’s (supercollider) and Billie Howard’s (violin) work offers expressions of emotional extremes as a means of re-experiencing and making meaningful their affective spaces. Through the composition of close and shifting frequencies, extreme dynamics, and over or undersaturation, they compose visceral experiences of the depth, density and complexity of disorientation, destruction, anger, loneliness, vertigo, and awe through synthetic and acoustic sound. Howard’s longtime collaborator Nora Barton (cello) joins for this improvised set.


Nora Barton is a Chicago-based cellist and educator. As a performer she demonstrates versatility within a wide array of genres, with collaborations ranging from experimental ambient improvisation to dancing around with an amplified cello in a punk marching band. She also organizes monthly concerts for Classical Revolution Chicago, providing access to classical chamber music performances in a variety of unexpected public spaces. She is the founding cellist of experimental improvisation group NbN Trio and a.pe.ri.od.ic, and performs regularly with ensembles Abbey Bowed, Manual Cinema, Mucca Pazza, and mbira space jam trio ExtraOcular.




Rebecca Himelstein is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, researcher, and writer. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She co-curates Gather, an experimental music series at the Comfort Station Logan Square, with Allen Moore and Nick Meryhew. She has performed with Billie Howard at Tri-Triangle, in the Oscillations Series at Experimental Sound Studio, the [Tiny Garage] Series at Defibrillator Gallery, and Andy Slater presents at Café Mustache. She has also performed at Slate Arts, the Archer Beach Haus, and Ballroom Projects and has presented work at Sector 2337 and the Chicago Artists Coalition.




Billie Howard is a pianist, violinist, violist, and music educator. She performs & records regularly as Akosuen and released two duet albums (with Rebecca Himelstein and Cinchel) in 2018. She was the founding violinist of the experimental improvisation group NbN Trio, post-rock band The Paver, contemporary music collective a.pe.ri.od.ic, and Hyalite String Quartet. She also plays keyboards and violin with the legendary Bobby Conn.




Jen Hill


i make things with sound, image, music, video, objects, jokes, the internet, ideas, etc. i am very interested in the imaginary, the impossible, and the non-existent.


i have a bachelors of music in music composition from the university of north texas (2015) and a masters of fine arts in sound art from the school of the art institute of chicago (2018).




Debris is an improvising trio based in Chicago, IL. Veteran improviser, studio musician, and multi instrumentalist Peter Maunu teams up with bassist Jakob Heinemann and trumpeter Joe Suihkonen to create long form improvisations that deliberately explore the extremes of the dynamic spectrum. Taking nods from the new music sounds of the Wandelweiser collective and the silence of John Cage, as well as the deep tradition of American Free Jazz, Debris stands as a counterpoint to the dense, frenetic, wall of sound approach to improvised music that has made Chicago a world-renowned scene, while acknowledging that scene’s inexorable influence on them. The result is a music that can move from whispering to keening, pointillistic to Pollock-esque, and guttural to serene with the sympathetic lilt of three musicians pursuing one unified sound.