• Oct 18 2016 | 9:00 pm

    ARIADNE (Brooklyn) / James Connolly / jonCates

    Experimental Audio and Visuals with ARIADNE (Brooklyn), James Connolly, jonCates

ARIADNE is an a/v experimental sacred music duo based in Brooklyn, New York comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest.  They will perform Observance_003, an audio/visual performance that draws from themes of ecstatic visions, the eternal feminine and dream symbolism depicted in a digital landscape of infinite environments and harsh textures: http://ariadnesound.com

James Connolly
RGB.VGA.VOLT is a DIY audio/video synthesizer by James Connolly that hybridizes analog and digital systems. Digitally synthesized complex waveforms are improperly bent into the red, green, and blue pins of a hacked VGA cable as analog signal and then converted into full quality HDMI to generate an intense synesthetic experience of light and sound: http://jameshconnolly.com

jonCates is an internationally recognized Glitch, Noise and Dirty New Media Artist based in Chicago, performing and exhibiting worldwide in galleries, museums and online: http://systemsapproach.net