• Dec 17 2016 | 9:00 pm

    Arc Iris | Health&Beauty Solo

    Hypnotic Providence-based band caps off a 3 month tour + Brian Sulpizio of Health&Beauty

Arc Iris
Health&Beauty Solo
(Brian Sulpizio – guitar/vox)



Arc Iris


“a widely accessible and shockingly fun listen. With her shapeshifting compositions and breathy vibrato-laden vocals, Adams most resembles a mid-’70s-era Joni Mitchell…” AllMusic


“Fetching but fleeting melodies ride a wave of guitars, horns, strings, keyboards, banjo, pedal steel, layered wordless vocals and electronic whooshes and bleeps.” Associated Press


“…dizzying arrangements around Adams’ songs, bolstered by the fleet-fingered accompaniment of a sprawling assembly of instrumentalists. The music is marked by whimsical ambition, reveling in the jangly chaos of horns and strings and the vast expressiveness of synths and samples.” WBUR


“All those bands who think they’re being experimental because they’ve put a sitar sample on one track should be forced to listen to Moon Saloon, so that they can learn just how much you can actually do with this thing called music… On Moon Saloon classical, pop, jazz, folk and the rest all play nicely together.” Sunday Times – Album of the Week


“Jocie Adams is a modern renaissance woman… There’s something of St. Vincent or Dirty Projectors in the collision of textures and genres but it’s kept in check by gorgeous hooks and a willingness to let things groove.” Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****


“This joyous, head-spinning dash to beyond the yellow brick road audaciously fuses the chamber chorale, folk, the theatrical and torch song to create an album which could soundtrack a cabaret hosted by the Wizard of Oz himself.” MOJO


“On Arc Iris’ second album, Adams somehow finds a throughline from bucolic Laurel Canyon balladry to quirky lounge jazz to brassy fanfares to bluegrass banjo, all performed with the theatrical flair favoured by her friend St Vincent.” Uncut – 7/10