• Aug 30 2019 | 9:30 pm

    Angel Bat Dawid’s Mothership9: Lufuki & Divine Providence, Participatory Music Coalition

    Starchild! Citizens of the universe! Recording angels! We have returned to claim the pyramids. Partying on the Mothership, I am the Mothership connection

Mothership Connection (Starchild), Parliament (1975)

Greetings Mystic Travelers,

Hope you having a beautiful summer…it’s time to build another part of the ship! This time we build on the independent spiritual journey of the ensemble. For this leg of the trip we will have a special guest coming all the way from Planet Michigan to help us build this ship. 


Planet Chicago please welcome with loving arms Lufuki and Divine Providence!


Divine Providence is a collective of jazz musicians formed by guitarist and bandleader Lu Fuki who felt the need to connect hearts through sound, for challenging and uncertain time, in order to promote solidarity, freedom and social action.


Joining the ship will also be the Participatory Music Coalition. The collective that I got my start in! More than entertainment, participatory music is that which is meant to coordinate people, to bring them together into a community, to orient them all to a common purpose.


Midwest healing vibezz  to cool off the summer you don’t wanna miss!


Peace Love and Cosmic Light

Angel Bat Dawid  

Mothership9 is a monthly series of creative music concerts, education and community participatory events of diverse styles approaches and genres with the purpose of building a sonic mythological spaceship to the cosmos. This series will explore the connection between space, cosmos, mythology and its relation to Chicago’s deep history and tradition of creative music as a valid construct for empowerment, healing and solidarity.