• Dec 21 2020 | 7:00 pm

    Seed * Pollinate * Bloom



SEED POLLINATE BLOOM is a visual and sonic story that traverses time and space in service of intergenerational healing. A child is born in 2020, a time when a global pandemic has caused massive death and rendered many physically isolated all while a seed is being planted for a new time of social reckoning and uprisings for Black, Indigenous and Afro Indigenous peoples in the Americas. The child’s mother tells a story that comes to life helping them understand the times in which they are born taking them on a journey of historical reckoning that calls forth a new time where surviving turns toward thriving for Black, Indigenous and Afro Indigenous peoples.
Created by Katrina Brook Flores
Co-Directed by Katrina Brook Flores & Jonathan Woods
Sonicly Directed by Tukkiman
Produced by GIRL ILLA Tactics, Dark Matter Residency, Elastic Arts & AuspiceNOW

Tune in Here: www.twitch.tv/elasticartschicago