October 10, 2019

Elastro A/V

Please join us this Fall for a special series of four live electro/acoustic sound + video performances featuring over 40 local artists. This series will be broken up into 2 parts, the first of which takes place the last weekend of October. Friday 10/25 and Saturday 10/26 will be a mini-fest of 8 sets in the spirit of “Chicago jazz/improvised mixed groupings”, with many of the city’s most prolific, creative, and diverse experimental / electronic / electro/acoustic / video improvisers.

The second part of this series will consist of the third and fourth performances, Friday 11/15 and Friday 12/13. These shows will be more in line with our traditional concert presentations, featuring collaborations between live sound makers and live video artists. 

This series is curated by Kim Alpert, Alex Babbitt, Paul Giallorenzo, and Daniel Wyche; with support from mediaThe foundation.

Friday October 25 9pm

set one: Paul Giallorenzo – electronics/piano, Jeff Kimmel – bass clarinet, Graham Livingston – video, Hedra Rowan – computer, Lilianna Wosko – cello

set two: Alex Babbitt – video, Todd Carter – electronics, Jen Hill – electronics/objects, Deidre Huckabay – objects, Donny Mahlmeister – modular synthesizer 

set three: John Daniel – computer,  Rob Frye – electronics/bike wheel/woodwinds, Macie Stewart – violin/electronics, Jonathan Woods – video

set four:  Katinka Kleijn – cello, Galina Shevchenko – video, Jason Soliday – electronics, Nika – Serge synthesizer

Saturday October 26th 9pm

set one: Sara Goodman / Kit Young – video,  Kikù Hibino – electronics, Alisa Kolot – piano/electronics, Allen Moore – turntables/electronics

set two: Dan Bitney – percussion/electronics, Norman Long – synthesizer/electronics, Matt Mehlan – synthesizer/electronics, Ricardo Mondragon – video

set three: Alex Inglizian – electronics, Julia A. Miller – synth guitar, Daniel Wyche – guitar/electronics, Graham Stephenson – amplified trumpet, Kit Young / Sara Goodman – video

set four: Kim Alpert – video, Jill DeGroot – flute, Lou Mallozzi – turntables/electronics, Sam Pluta – electronics

Friday November 15th 9pm

Ritwik Banerji and the Astromusicologists

“Running through the spirit landscapes of Jabbo Irã: learning the Maxinean arts of navigation”

Friday December 13th 9pm