August 1, 2016

Bring this piano to Elastic!

After surviving a near fatal accident, two moves, hundreds of gigs, and many of Chicago’s inhumanly freezing winters and scorching summers, it is time to say good bye to our white baby grand piano. The need for an instrument worthy of the artists that come through Elastic Arts has become an imperative. The good news is that a friend of Elastic’s is parting with his well-kept Yamaha G5, and is offering it at a very generous price. So here is the deal; we need this piano. Help us get this piano!


$5000 will cover the cost of the piano + moving and set-up expenses.
Please help us raise this money! (donate here!)

Every donation counts as a bit of this sexy instrument, $57 for a note, $114 for an interval, and so it goes. Of course, you can donate any amount! As soon as you donate, you will automatically become a member and have access to a number of benefits. You will also be invited to the special piano unveiling/performance/celebration this fall.