July 9, 2020

A Letter from our Executive Director

Mark Mahoney at the board! Photo by Julia Dratel

See Ya Later to one of our very best.

Eyes moistened with sweet sorrow, I must bid so long to my friend and colleague Mark Mahoney.  Our former Assistant Director, Mark is moving on to graduate study at Cornell University this fall. Mark started with Elastic as an intern, then worked as a producer of events in the evenings. I hired him as Production and Marketing Manager soon after I became Executive Director of Elastic in 2017. After two years of exceptional work and extraordinary dedication to our organization, Mark was promoted to Assistant Director in 2019.  I’m so proud of how much Mark has grown with our organization, and although we’re sad to lose him, we’re just ecstatic that he’s preparing to ascend to even greater heights.  I can’t wait to see how far he’ll go!  Please join me in thanking Mark Mahoney for four+ years of outstanding service to Elastic Arts Foundation and the Chicago creative arts community.  Good luck Mark! Don’t be a stranger!

I’ve come to rely on Mark so much that his departure would have left me emotionally devastated, except that we’ve had an enormous stroke of good fortune: Ben Billington has agreed to take over for Mark as Elastic’s new Assistant Director.  Ben has been a curator at Elastic for many years. He’s volunteered for our Benefit Planning Committee every year since its inception, and one year ago he joined our Development Committee as well. Ben is one of the founders of the Quarantine Concerts at Experimental Sound Studio. He also programs the Resonance Series at the Hideout, and he does loads of other good organizational work across multiple music scenes besides being a sought-after drummer and an electronic musician. Ben has been part of the Elastic team for quite a while, and his taking on this new role with us will greatly increase our capacity to grow in several key directions. Most importantly, Ben has already amply demonstrated his tireless work ethic, his devotion to adventurous music and art, and his dedication to Elastic Arts through his work over the past decade and a half. We’re very fortunate he’s taken this position!  

I must say, this community has gathered and cultivated so many exceptionally talented, creative, and hard-working folks, even plagues and revolutions can’t keep us down!  I’m extremely proud to be part of this truly awesome team and thankful for the opportunity to work with such incredible folks every day.  New horizons, new frontiers at Elastic Arts!