Presenting our Winter issue of Graphic Notes, featuring an interview between Visual Arts Curatorial Resident Alyssa Brubaker and artist Takashi Shallow on Shallow’s new show, “Gesamt.” This edition also highlights the new CLEAT 16-channel speaker system recently installed at Elastic, as described by Executive Director Adam Zanolini. This edition of Graphic Notes was designed by Graphic Design Intern Jackie Murphy and printed by Spudnik Press.

Session from the Archive

Featured: Brandon Markell (voice), Scott Rubin (Viola), Keisha Janae (movement), Helen Lee (movement) & Legend Smith (movement) performing as part of Cristal Sabbagh’s “Freedom From & Freedom To,” 12/12/2019. Footage courtesy of Jonathan Woods.

Gesamt is a fascinating look at the practice of conceptual sharing, where the lines of authorship are obscured. In a similar way in which DJ’s remix music, Gesamt incites a process of call and response, in which both the makers and viewers are implicated into the work. The desire to shift ownership away from the artist allows us to rethink the separation between social roles and artistic mediums, towards a more egalitarian way of interacting with and thinking about artistic practice.