Resilient Expression Fund continued

Freedom From and Freedom To 2019 — Photo by Liina Raud

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The pandemic has ravaged the creative economy in Chicago. Artists and arts organizations, for whom making ends meet was never easy, are now facing even-greater challenges. Musicians have lost nearly all performance opportunities, and many of their other sources of income – teaching opportunities, jobs in restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, etc. – have dried up at the same time. But you can help support Chicago’s internationally-renowned creative community, one the city’s greatest resources, by supporting the Resilient Expression Fund.

In the early days of COVID crisis, Elastic Arts launched the Resilient Expression Fund: 50% of the funds raised directly supported artists and performers who lost critical income and the rest helped Elastic Arts weather the early storm. Our community stepped up big time! Together, we raised $23,000 and gave $500 grants to 23 of our beloved artists hurt by this pandemic. Elastic was able to keep our space, pay our staff, and pivot to presenting programming virtually, using our space for small performances with no audiences.

Nine months into the COVID crisis, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but it looks like things might get worse before they get better. For the safety of our artists and to curb the spread, we’ve suspended operations as new cases far outpace the numbers just a few months ago. Shutdowns loom, theaters darken, restaurants close again, and the upcoming winter seems darker for our artists. And so we are asking lovers of music, performance, art, and all creative expression to help once more.

Please consider contributing to the Resilient Expression Fund. This time 100% of the funds will directly support artists and performers who have lost income in the pandemic: $500 grants will be given to Chicago-based Elastic-affiliated artists in need. Emphasis will be given to those artists who significantly rely on performances for income, as well as to elder musicians.

Together, we will endure the challenges of COVID while we look forward to a time when we can again gather together to celebrate the music and performances we love.

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2018 Elastic Achievement Awardee Avreeayl Ra with Executive Director Adam Zanolini. Photo by Julia Dratel.