• Mar 3 2018 | 7:00 pm

    Yelling at the Dark

    Yelling at the Dark:: An Evening of live art (a mix of sound and movement based performance) celebrating the simultaneous absurdity and exhilaration of an insignificant act. The possibility of doing nothing. To explore strength in vulnerability, being our incongruous selves, recognizing our obtuse nature. Bubbling to the surface and being loud to root in embodiment.


Sara Zalek, artist at Large www.saratonin.com

Christine Olson, performance and movement artist, www.christineolsonart.com


Participating Artists:

Christine Olson (Madison, WI)

Christine Olson is a time-based artist residing in Madison, WI since 1997. She creates performance art, immersive installations and interactive digital art pieces. Recently Christine has performed at “MUNICIPAL,” a pop-up art event in the Madison Municipal Building, and also at the Arts + Literature Laboratory. She also had on display an interactive digital art piece at the Madison Central Public Library. Her interests are Butoh, Dada, Deco, and the surreal. She also enjoys curating one-night only performance art events. www.christineolsonart.com


Jakob Maché, Vienna (**March 3 only, includes workshops on March 2, 3 at OuterSpace Studios)


Jakob Maché was born in Vienna. Since 2012, he has been teaching workshops in contact improvisation in Austria, France, Germany, Nigeria and Benin. He received his training from teachers like Adalisa Menghini, Jörg Hassmann, Nancy Stark Smith, Anzhelika Doni, Nita Little, Andrew Harwood, Frey Faust and in Butoh from Minako Seki, Yuko Kaseki, Imre Thormann, Yumiko Yoshioka, Natsu Nakajima, Masaki Iwana, Ken Mai et Yoshito Ohno. Recent collaborations involve Michael Schmacke (Fake Masters, Berlin), Lynda Ait Amer (Berlin) et Mex Schlüpfer at the Volksbühne Berlin and Illuminate Theatre (Lagos).


db pedersen (Madison, WI)

db pedersen is a somnambulant cacophony trying to blend in with the humans. a voice fostered on arc welding and blisters, he can be found on your radio dial between Alpha Centauri and the Farmer’s Almanac. Recently returned from touring Alaska, he’s working on a performance for Hollywood Fringe Fest this June. voice, sound effects, bansuri, percussion



Louise Bock (Madison, WI)

Other known solo work as Taralie Peterson, Tar Pet and in the legendary psych band Spires that in the Sunset Rise. Taralie works with mainly sax, clarinet, cello, voice, and denatured lap harp. Her work combines the rarely explored territories of conceptual atonal/repetitive ideas with personal invection. Mystical, ecstatic, spiritual, dark, otherworldly explorations. www.louisebock.bandcamp.com

Marina Kelly (Madison, WI)

Marina Kelly is a multidisciplinary artist who designs situations that bring people together; creating intimate occasions, site responsive performances, live art tableaux and sculptural installations. She collaborates with Madison based musician Stephanie Rearick, along with visual/ textile artist Aliza Rand (Aliza Rand is at the Madison show only) and movement artists Bethany Alwa & Jim Vogel in a structured improvisation taking inspiration from the visual dust and confused sensations of a night poorly slept and, more practically, the early days of the Cabaret Voltaire.


Ginger Krebs (Chicago, IL)

Ginger Krebs is a dancemaker, performer, and visual artist whose work has been shown recently in Chicago at the Chicago Artists Coalition, Loyola University, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Hyde Park Art Center, and site-specifically at a traffic island in Wicker Park.  Much of her movement suggests potential energy: the quivering of a body managing, defying, preparing for, or avoiding, rather than progressing decisively through space.  Some inspirations for her new project, Escapes and Reversals, include wrestling, drone warfare, Swan Lake, and an instructional video that explains how to debone a chicken.  Krebs is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Performance and Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Mimi Wallman (Chicago, IL)

Born in California, and raised in the South, in the blue grass country of KY and then finally the rich and densely foliaged Appalachian Mountains in WV, Mimi was informed by the solitude of trees and spirits, her grandmother’s piano, and that frisson of sounds that permeated her body, like the wind that whistles and vibrates through a baby bird’s barbs, and is wrangled by the vane and rachis until finally it took flight. She had barely scratched the surface of how her instrument was to develop, stepped into the house music of Chicago–after a heavy metal background, hearing her voice on a radio station here as a soul singer, exploring commercial music, industrial, and finally studying voice and poetry on scholarship, dovetailing into jazz until she found her own voice. Then she joined the mighty ONO band, which took her into realms of improvisation and performance that changed her forever. Mimi creates the entire moment and narrative live, right in front you, a slight of hand and twist of face, and builds this moment that is now for your ears and eyes to witness. Mimi Wallman is a mother, a nurse, and a deep dreamer who cares.

Les Chanteuses du rien (Chicago, IL)

Sara Zalek (movement), Elaine Lemieux (voice), and Hanna Brock (instrumentalist). We explore the dynamics of resonance in relation to space using genres of classical scores, experimental opera, improvised sound, expanded cinema, and Butoh dance.  Our gestures come from strong desire to communicate intimately, to seek an opening to our fears in an embrace. Ultimately, we want to surprise, disarm, and uplift the spirit, to continue weaving the long tail of our evolutionary story. We have been making in this collective for two years, in all sort of venues in Chicago, including Chicago Cultural Center, Edgar Miller Legacy Studio, Silent Funny, Ragdale Foundation and the Hungry Brain, and are looking to tour in 2018. We have been supported by Chicago Dancemakers Forum, Cheney Foundation, the City of Chicago, New England Foundation for the Arts, and the Ragdale Foundation. https://www.saratonin.com/trickster-quartet

Aurora Tabar (Chicago, IL)

Existential Coat Check Existentialcoatcheck.com

The Existential Coat Check is a pop-up booth that appears in and around Chicago. Visitors of the Coat Check are invited to check their mental baggage through a series of writing, drawing and meditation activities that promote physical and mental awareness. Drop by and leave your worries behind!