• May 20 2017 | 8:30 pm

    WE Performance Series: Rachel Ellison

    Rachel Ellison: Gymnasium for the Soul

WE is a monthly experimental music/performance series, curated by Lia Kohl and Bethany Younge, focused on work that explicitly acknowledges the community or collective nature of performance. The series aims to activate and redefine the relationships between artists, performers, composers, and audiences.

Chicago based artists Rachel Ellison will present a piece related to bodily and mental awareness and health.

Becky Grajeda won’t be able to make this performance.

Tickets: $10


Rachel Ellison: Gymnasium for the Soul, Phase Three: Empathic Exercise Class

Gymnasium for the Soul (GFS) is a process-driven alternative exercise experience that develops in three stages. In phase one, one-on-one interviews are conducted, focusing on the particularities of the interviewee’s own experience of having a body. In Phase Two, interviews serve as a starting point for transforming individual stories into exercises in a workshop setting. Finally, in Phase Three: GFS Empathic Exercise Classes, a selection of exercises created in Phase Two are presented in a class environment led by an instructor. Throughout the class, students engage in an array of collective gestures and bodily memories brought to them via experiences of participants in Phases One and Two.

Prepare to engage in the process. Comfortable clothing recommended. Students of all physical capabilities are welcome.

Rachel Ellison is an artist, writer, and sculptor of experiences based in Chicago. Rachel creates performance-events called Rehearsals for Ways of Being using strategies to rethink, recontextualize, and reperform scenes of everyday life. In January 2016 she founded Bat Sarah Press, a company exploring aspects of spirituality and ritual through artfully made objects. Regular practices that include therapy, exercise, eating roughage, Vitamin D, and a daily dose of Lexapro help her to maintain chemical equilibrium.