• Aug 28 2018 | 8:00 pm

    WE Series: Lee Blalock’s sy5z3n_3 – Ohm Overdub / Medi(a)tation for Generative Respiration

    Continuing the practice of embracing noise, fissure, and multiplicity as a natural state of being for bodies living in the information age, the 3rd piece in the sy5z3n series expands on the module based "Instr/augment" systems built for sy5z3n_1 and sy5z3n_2. The system or "sy5z3n" is superimposed onto performers to create conditions for guided meditation in the form of n3ue_tongues. The performance follows the original condition that these real-time medi(a)tations feel as if they are being performed by an experimental band who are augmented by the instruments they play, and who simultaneously play instruments to augment sounds that normally go unnoticed. Other medi(a)tation practitioners: Lee Blalock, aka L[3]^2, Lori Felker and Rebby Montalvo (TNKRT).