• May 8 2019 | 8:30 pm

    SVCRED HVRP & Langdon/Harms Duo

    SVCRED HVRP is an experimental jazz duo featuring Matt Riggen on trumpet and Alisa Kolot on piano and electronics exploring the cross section between contemporary music, electronics and jazz through the lens of improvisation and the Sacred Harp repertory. Minneapolis based guitarist Jonathan Harms joins Chicago guitarist Jack Langdon for a long-form duo performance exploring density and repetition.
Alisa Kolot is a sound designer, composer, and musician based in Chicago. Her musical interests are varied, but are grounded in her studies and performances of contemporary classical music. In her work, she is happiest existing in the median, blending experimental piano techniques, electronics, and field recordings.

Having graduated in 2016 from Indiana University with a double major in Biology and Jazz Studies, Matt Riggen is a riotous force on several instruments in several ensembles–trombone in the Wayne Wallace Octet, trumpet in the Sean Imboden Quintet, and on occasion even serving as drummer or pianist. The composer/performer/director is currently based in Chicago, IL., where he serves as the Director of Music at Marquette Park when he is not freelancing and teaching in and around Chicagoland.

Jack Langdon is a Chicago-based composer/performer, media artist, and writer. His work utilizes instrumental performance, theater, new media, and installation in concert, site-specific, and digital contexts. His work is conceptually concerned with reflecting on and reorganizing musical production and creating environments for deeper social engagement in performance. As a performer, Langdon has premiered works for organ, piano, and guitar. His areas of focus include pieces involving long durations, fragility, improvisation, and theater.



Jonathan Harms is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist based in Minneapolis, MN. Often found playing with the trio Markov Changes, Jonathan’s music making is centered around exploring odd perspectives and clashing emotions.