• Nov 8 2017 | 9:00 pm

    Stander, Mako Sica, City of Djinn, Venomenema


Mako Sica:
“Mako Sica make music in the vein of Amon Duul, Hex-era Earth and the out there reaches of the Impulse Records catalog with guitars, drums and an utterly primal vocalist that conjures moods with an exceptional grace, utilizing a group-mind aesthetic and an uncanny use of negative space that charms the listener in to be a part of the music.” – Permanent Records


Venomenema is the brain death audio visual garbage of Christine Janokowicz and Max Allison. Live processing of ADD supercut videos blasted with alien color and disfiguring looping strategies.


Stander is a Chicago trio who explore the visceral and cerebral. Blending heavy, cathartic, guitar-driven passages with repetitive off-kilter rhythms, melancholic melodies, and whirls of improvisation, their largely instrumental music is a contemplation on emotional distress and discomfort.



City of Djinn:

City of Djinn is the Chicago duo of Marwan Kamel and Micah Bezold – they create a sonic tapestry of dark, psychedelic, drone rock that draws from experimental music vernacular as well maqam tradition.