• Oct 24 2017 | 8:00 pm

    Radical Bodies: Research as Performance

    Radical Bodies = curated research + studio practice // towards the development of somatic connections, improvisational scores, performance, and deepening relationships between performers + musicians. RB provides access for local artists to deepen their training in the field of improvisation, dance, and performance.
Our fall showing, Research as Performance, asks how + why performers make compositional decisions? How do patterns emerge and become momentary choreography + scenes? How do we practice ideals of the “collective” body in the imaginative world of performance?
We’ll create various pairings and groupings of dancers and musicians to perform scores that allow opportunities for chance and synchronicity to emerge.

Performers are:

Precious Jennings
Lindsay Hopkins
K.J. Holmes
Jasmine Mendoza
Brian Hinckle
Timothy Jackson
Keefe Jackson
Wilson Tanner Smith