• Sunday August 25 | 9:00 pm

    Period Bomb (Miami)/Bobb Hatt (Columbus)/Imelda Marcos

    Miami punks Period Bomb come through on tour with sax experimenter Bobb Hatt. Chicagoans Imelda Marcos also enter the fray, rounding out a bill that is sure to be equal parts weird and heavy.

“Miami’s Period Bomb brims over with sound and fury, and with a purpose. The group, led by Cam Alvarez, is as much a multimedia project as it is a band that teeters on the edge between post-punk and hardcore. They use every part of whatever medium they’re working in—whether it’s audio recordings, videos or live performance—to critique and tear away at a culture that wants to exert control over your body and dictate your way of thinking. On first listen, the results can be disorienting (in a good way), but once you understand that they’re trying to convey a complete experience, the ideas snap into focus.” – Nashville Scene

Bobb Hatt delivers saxophone-led audio abrasions inspired by free jazz, performance art, and power electronics.

Marrying the unlikely partners of techno-horror guitar and tribal drumming into one glorious union, Imelda Marcos is an instrumental two-piece that crafts math-inspired noise.